Washer Blanks.. dont get too excited!

Jan 19, 2014
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Warrington...leaving the club
3 options All imperfect but I always liked having emergency spare options of the rarer stuff.

1. Trophie ones. 1 still has the plastic thread. I has no thread left at all. My suggestion would be only suitable to glue on. no shims or nuts £17.50 delivered

2. 172 Cup Blue ones. Both snapped but have enough left that you could glue a threaded plastic rod with a new nut and keep them removable. Or you could glue. no original nuts or shims. £20 delivered

3. Comedy blocks which have screw mounts. not genuine.. look the part from 30'000 feet.. Pretty much only to be used if you have nothing else..£3 delivered or free with above.