Starting issue

Jun 12, 2012
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My Trophy usually starts with the first turn of the key but this morning it turned over a number of times before it started.

It runs fine once it’s going.

Also, when I exit the car and click the button on the key to lock it makes a very faint click but doesn’t lock the doors?

When I click the button on the key a second time it locks?

Very strange.

I have tried the spare key which does exactly the same thing.

The car is not misfiring so don’t think it’s the plugs. I can light it up like a Christmas Tree and it will still start so don’t think it’s the battery. It’s turning so it’s not the starter motor. I hear the fuel pump kick in when I turn the key to position No2.

I’ve recently had all of the injectors replaced.

Suggestions please!
Jan 25, 2015
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This happened twice before on 2 of my other Clio's - it turns out it was the battery that needed replacing.
do you know the age of the battery? mine usually lasted up to 8 years.

why dont you test the battery or charge it first to see if that makes a difference?