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May 18, 2006
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Republico Yorkshire
I originally posted some of this in my trophy owners section, but thought it may be a good general Trophy cost of ownership discussion for newby's and long termers alike.

This information has been compiled since I bought the car, way back in 2005.

It's important to note that I had poly mounts fitted to the engine, gearbox and dog bone in 2011, which has probably contributed to more wear in the gearbox, but a more solid feel. Also these are not advisable frequencies, just what I have experienced, which i don't think is too bad considering I hit most of Europe's tracks heavily between '06 and '10, including an epic (V high speed) road trip through Germany in '10.

Ave Years between Replacing Item
1 yr - Servicing
3 yrs - Front Disks & Front Pads
4 yrs - Rear Disks, Rear Pads, Brake Fluid, Spark Plugs & Gearbox
5 yrs - Wheel Bearings, Cam Belts & Ball Joints
7 yrs - Front Track Rods & Front Dampers
9 yrs - Front Springs & Rear Dampers
10 yrs - Spark Plug Leads, Brake Pipes, Wheel Alignment, Rear Springs, A/C Condenser
11 yrs - Battery, Drive Shafts & Rear Calipers
12 yrs - Alternator
13 yrs - Engine

There's also other wearable parts but just stuck to the major bits, I should add exhaust mounts every 6 f'ing months but didn't bother..

Total cost of ownership so far (up to this week and excluding purchase price and exhaust) has been a whopping £18,636.98, around £32k incl. everything. Not bad for 13 years of happy driving.