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Discussion in 'Clio Trophy Discussion' started by gdfmacfarlane, May 4, 2018.

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    So this is what my current situation looks like, not including the van that we have for dog transporting... I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew at the moment with major house renovations and a wedding next year to pay for. For that reason the Trophy will be up for sale in the next week to ten days when i get back from Aberdeen for work. :confounded:

    I've had the car for approx 18 months and it's been garaged for the majority of that, only going for a blast in good weather. I had thoughts of taking it for track days at Knockhill but decided against it and got the Black 182 for that purpose, I'd be devastated if the Trophy took a bump on the track! So it's basically just sitting in the garage not getting the attention it deserves.

    So if anyone North of the border or willing to travel for a Trophy might be interested, give me a PM and I can give you full details. I'll be getting pictures and a full advert done ASAP.

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