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    Welcome to the new ClioTrophy site!!!!

    We hope you like the transformation. For some of you the vbulletin software will be familiar (i.e. ClioSport), but please take your time to look around.

    There is still some work to be done so please be patient, and report any errors or problems in this thread.

    'Trophy Owner' statuses, and ranks etc will be restored in the coming days.

    Many thanks,


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    Some peoples avatars did not transfer correctly and show as 'username's avatar' in text. Please upload a new avatar to fix this.

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    What a pleasant surprise this morning! Excellent work on the new site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hodgy21 View Post
    What a pleasant surprise this morning! Excellent work on the new site.
    I agree! Thought I typed in a wrong address when the page loaded. Site looks awesome! Good job!

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    Looks nice, did we lose the Garage feature?

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    After a bit of surfing round the site I really like it, great job!

    Apologies if this is already on your to do list; doesn't seem to be a link back from the shop to the main site.


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    ClioTrophy Moderator BenG's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    This is much nicer, nice work!

    For some reason I couldn't log on under my usual password, I had to reset it before I could log on.

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    Me too.

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    Forum User trophy427's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    ILiking the new site.

    Not sure if im correct but is the banner up the top, my trophy?

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    Looking good, though to all those struggling to sign in it looks as if you need to reset so just go through the forgotten password feature.



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