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    towing eye location?

    Does anyone know if the towing eye can be screwed in at the back? My brothers car has broken down, so I was going to give a tow. The manual suggests the that it screws in somewhere under the back bumper, but neither of us could see where...
    Can it be done on a 182?

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    Re: towing eye location?

    Never heard of that but you would have to remove the rear bumper and even then I can't recall a fixing point for it.

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    Re: towing eye location?

    Theres no designated threaded fixing point on the rear of 182.

    The cup race cars rear towing eye is fixed into one of the holes on the rear floorpan/chassis structure, on the very far os/r of the black rear bumper strip. But this uses a long tow eye and drilling or removing the strip.

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    Re: towing eye location?

    Sure I read someplace that 182's are not meant to tow anything.



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