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    Pollen Filter Change?

    Hi there,

    I recently bought myself a 2002 Clio 172, and it seems to have a bit of a problem with condensation. It seems to get quite steamed up in there, and takes longer than I would expect to clear even with the fans on max. From what I have read, and a bit of common sense, I think that the pollen filter might be blocked.

    Now I have heard people mention that they have changed this during their servicing but cant seem to find any sort of guide on how to do so. So any help in this area would be appreciated.

    Also, I have had a look for a Haynes manual for my car, but the one for the Clio’s of my cars age specifically says that it does not cover 172 / 182 / V6. Does anyone know of a Haynes manual covering the Clio sports?



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    Re: Pollen Filter Change?

    there isn't one for cliosports - i know that much. Try joining - they have guides on there (only accessed by members) that cover most things.

    iirc it's only a £10 per year... less than the cost of a manual.

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    Re: Pollen Filter Change?

    It's worth remembering that if you have a water leak into the car from a damaged door or boot seal it will cause very bad condensation. Might be worth also checking this. Even if a carpet or the boot floor is damp it will cause condensation.


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    Re: Pollen Filter Change?

    The carpet on the passenger side footwell is damp, but not as bad as some people have described on other threads (some people mentioned actually having puddles). This seems to have improved greatly by doing my best to dry this up with a towel. I joined the cliosport forum as well and have found a guide on how to change the pollen filter, and I have bought a new pollen filter today (I figured eve if this wasnt the problem it couldnt hurt to change it).

    If I have a leak somewhere then I guess I will have to strip out the carpet etc and look for it, but this will have to wait until the weekend at the earliest. Am I right in thinking that this damp carpet could just be from condensation in the heating caused by a blocked pollen filter?


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    Re: Pollen Filter Change?

    Do you have air-con? It's not uncommon that the drain from the evaporator can get dislodged and fill one of the footwells with water. Unfortunately the first you'll notice is the damp carpet which means everything below the top of the carpet will be saturated.. With the carpets out it can take days to dry everything out. Sorry, don't want to scare you. Just trying to help!

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    Re: Pollen Filter Change?

    Im not too sure whether the cliosports have pollen filters. If it does it should be changes every 12K miles or once a year.

    However, I have a Haynes manual for MK2 clios. I find that the layout of most things are the same throughout all MK2 clios and cliosports. Here is what it says in the manual for pollen filter change.

    NOTE: The pollen filter may not be fitted to all models.

    1. With the bonnet open, remove the windscreen half-scuttle grill from the right hand end of the bulkhead.
    2. Undo the retaining screws and slide the cover forwards to unclip from the pollen filter housing.
    3. Note the direction arrors on the filter and housing, then carefully extract the filter element by squeezing its centre folds together.
    4. Fit the new element using a reversal of the removal procedure, but make sure that the direction arrors are aligned with each other.

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    Re: Pollen Filter Change?

    Cheers for all the help guys.

    As you might have seen from my other post, I not seem to have a gearbox problem, all things pointing towards the diff circlip popping off. So I now have bigger fish to fry!! Not having a good car day today ha ha.

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    Re: Pollen Filter Change?

    Never mind, Sh*t happens, Hope you get it sorted.

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    Re: Pollen Filter Change?

    Just to let you know lads that if your suffering water on the passenger side of the car its most likely caused by a gromet that has pulled through the bulk head, its another silly renault idea and if you want to get to it you need 2 remove the wiper blades then the plastic grill under the wipers. Then remove the wiper unit and the washer bottle. you will see the gromet just under where the washer bottle is. I advise once you pull the gromet back into place slap a load of silicone sealer around it. I also took out the passenger seat then lifted the carpet up to let it dry, I had aprox a gallon of water out of mine.
    As for the pollen filter change it cos it will help with the condensation.

    Hope this helps, any questions just ask

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    Re: Pollen Filter Change?

    There is a filter under the plastic guard where the wipers are. Lift the bonnet, remove the guard (scuttle panel) and there's a rectangle plastic housing in there.

    I replaced mine in the spring this year. Got the filter from



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