View Full Version : If only i could insure it.....

03-12-10, 10:57 PM
What a stunning car.....


Whilst on the subject of insurance....has anyone else found that their renewal has hardley gone down?!?!!

I am currently paying around 1600 with privilege at 22, with 3 years NCB. Yet for next year they have offered me a renewal of 1490 yet i want to protect my NCB which will take it to near 1900!!!!!!

The best i have found is direct line which is 1700 with the NCB being protected!!

04-12-10, 12:57 AM
That Is Stunning

04-12-10, 01:03 AM
I'll be brutally honest they do nothing for me at all, there OK to look at but prformance wise I'd take a Trophy all day everyday.

Insurance is cheaper as well,530 with every single modification declared :)

04-12-10, 09:47 AM
Same here, they are really nice and would like to own one but there are alot of people out there who think it's a Clio with a wide bodykit on it!
My mates just sold his blue one, I had a long drive out in it and I loved it, loved getting the looks off people and the general drive was good. I would like to own one but as an everyday driver it wouldn't be practical!

04-12-10, 01:24 PM
I agree I much prefer the Trophy but wouldn't mind having a v6 for a day just for the looks :lol:

04-12-10, 02:25 PM
Im 21 with 3 years no claims, car parked on the road in not a great area and my insurance is 1100 with sky insurance.
If i were you i'd check the specialist companies like sky, adrian flux etc.

04-12-10, 04:02 PM
It does look nice but its 11k for a 7 year old clio thats been in a bump.

I arent a massive fan of v's myself nor the LY colour i do admit they look and sound ace, but i would rather something that backed up the looks

04-12-10, 05:36 PM
Its a Cat D

04-12-10, 06:23 PM
I meant the car in general, in LY. Not this exact one... :D

It shall be a cooper s works GP for me next, if I ever get bored of the TROPHY (thoughts on these....??)

04-12-10, 08:02 PM
I have been looking at these, awesome cars! would love one, seen one in the flesh and they score 10/10 for me!

05-12-10, 11:28 AM
I Agree! I love them! The styling just reminds me of the old group B monsters!

05-12-10, 07:33 PM
Not a big fan of LY for v6s.
Much prefer blue/black tbh, awesome cars.

10-12-10, 09:04 PM
you wouldnt want that its a bag of shit. ive spoken to a few people who have seen that and they have done a shit job thers a few pic of v6clio.net plus about 6weeks ago it was sold on ebay for 8500 now back up forsale.

and to insure it. Its not to bad mine is 1200 i am 23.

and they are shit everyday cars, a pain to park and not that fast but it dose the trick for me and i love it, but i still want a trophy