View Full Version : NEW 54 PLATE 182 A LITTLE ADVICE IM NEW!!

27-07-10, 01:11 AM
hello people thought i would join as i have just got masel a 54 plate 182 will get pictures up over next few days, just want a bit advice hopwfully with someone in the know.
its had an aftermarket replacement twin exhaust straight through and i have the decat here but cat is in place, the exhaust is very stinky!! not smoky just really strong smelling and also a really sort of hot smell also, car drives fine as it should was just wondering will this be the cat knacked?? have got a replacement on the way second hand just incase but really does smell its hard to describe not like anything i have smelt before!!

all and any advice greatly appreciated.

27-07-10, 03:13 PM
Do you mean it smells inside the cabin?
Its probably the cat/manifold joint or similar.

27-07-10, 03:25 PM
sorry maybe was not clear its not in the cabin its outside, i had it in other cars before and always just been a wee blow at engine side, this is diffrent this is standing outside the car and its a really hot fummy strong smell not like normal exhaust fumes its hard to describe, thanks for the reply though

27-07-10, 06:01 PM
Hi Mate, does it smell like rotten eggs? cats sometimes smell like this :oops: