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28-03-10, 08:37 PM
I noticed today that my drivers side dip beam/high beam has blown up, leaving lots of glass all over the inside of the light unit, is it possible to remove the whole unit and not upset its adjustment or will it need redoing?

I think the car's fed up with being dirty and is trying to let me know!

28-03-10, 08:48 PM
To remove the headlamp you need to remove the front bumper, its not hard, couple of nuts inside wheel arches, couple of plastic tabs on slam panel, and I think two 10mm bolts under neath and a4 screws underneath the splitter, all going on memory.

Taking headlamp out and putting back in you should not change the alignment greatly as the adjusters are part of the lamp unit and theres not much movement in the position of the headlamp unit.

28-03-10, 09:16 PM
Thanks, wasn't thinking it'd be that time consuming to be honest, hoped it'd be like my last cars!

I don't mind the loss of some skin and tight-ish spaces so is it at all possible to do it with the bumper still attached?

28-03-10, 09:19 PM

28-03-10, 09:27 PM
Bumper removal is easy, you'd spend more time working out how to work round it than actually taking it off.

28-03-10, 10:16 PM
You're going to laugh and think I'm a real saddo but to get to all those hard to get places I've taped a short piece of plastic hose onto the skinny nozzle of a vacuum, means I can clean just about everywher Inc the engine bay.

28-03-10, 11:35 PM
Thats a fantastic idea! I've got to have a go at that. If not then im going to have to hope next weekend is a sunny one! Can't afford for the car to be bumperless for any more than a day really. I'm sorry about being a bit weird about it and I know it shouldn't take long but I have a very nasty habit of finding/creating problems #-o