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24-03-10, 09:11 AM

My names Luke, at the weekend I just got a 2004 clio 182. Its awesome and Im loving it but I am having 1 small problem. The alarm keeps going off for no reason. I know that the bleeps tell me whats setting it off but every time it goes off its just sat outside my house with nothing near it :cry:

If anyone can help that would be great.

Thnx guys

24-03-10, 10:12 AM
When you unlock the car, the LED (by the gearstick) will flash a certain number of times to tell you the reason the alarm has gone off. According to the alarm manual, the reasons are as follows:

1 blink - doors, bonnet, boot have been opened
2 blinks - additional sensor triggered
3 blinks - ultrasonic volumetric sensor triggered
4 blinks - attempts to start (ignition key)
5 blinks - not listed?
6 blinks - tamper mode
7 blinks - serial line communication error

Hopefully this will give you more of an idea as to what could be causing the fault.

24-03-10, 10:51 AM
Alarm can be a bit random, mine went off at 4am the other morning! :lol:

24-03-10, 01:08 PM
I had random alarms on my 172 Cup. I found that closing the internal vents on the car helped. Worth a try if the LED blinks 3 times to say it was triggered by an ultrasonic sensor...

power ranger
24-03-10, 01:41 PM
Also a fix is to swap the ultra sonics around as i have had alarms going off with both my 182's and this seems to solve it.

Also like Renaultsport has said close off all the airvents as this can help and dont having anything hanging from your rear view mirror like magic trees as this can set the alarm off too.

24-03-10, 02:04 PM
Also, if you want to disable the alarm so you can park it outside your house at night and dont want to wake the street with the sound of your alarm. You can disable it by turning the ignition to the ON position and back to OFF 3 times, get out the car and press the remote to lock it within 30 seconds. If you've done it right then you will hear a few beeps when the car locks.

Maybe something to use whilst you locate the cause.

24-03-10, 02:49 PM
Cheers guys will give it all a go and let you know how Ive gotten on

Thnx again