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23-01-10, 10:22 AM
On the cliosport site - -

Fox baseball cap new - well tried on! 20 posted

- Various Decals
Speedline 2118 decals (white) x8 15 posted
Speedline silver/blue x8 15 posted
2009 Nurburgring Red/Silver (external) 5
2009 Nurbugring (just map) 3 posted
Revo decals - 5 posted


cheers Rich

All the silver speedline decals have been sold - still have the Blue (some without the 'flowforming' part)

Have also found some Yozzasport stickers, with white bomb x4 2.50 posted each

09-02-10, 11:01 PM
I have bought a house so needing to sort out what to put up for sale! lol

1st up Boarding/Ski Goggles

Used for 5 days in Italy in feb 09. Forgot my goggles back home so bought these over there. Cost around 50 with darker lens in them (extra) they have just been sat in my draw since then!

20 posted/collected

FOX cap, NEVER WORN! only tried on, bought in the summer

20 posted/collected

Carbon Fiber film 48x60cm (I have used about 70x150mm) Did a mates stereo surround.
15 posted/collected

Various Belts. All under a year old!

G-star - Only worn once! and left in draw. Has a slight 'bubble' effect starting on the inside (pic) don't know if thats because it hasn't been used?? ONLY ON THE INSIDE! not seen

20 posted/collected

Quiksilver (red) Quiksilver (dark green) and BANK brown leather

All 7.50 posted/collected

I am waist size 32 and they all fit with room to spare. So you could get away if your a 34.

Last but not least My Crumpler camera bag!

Excellent condition, no rips or tears. Used once then moved to a backpack style one. Great weekend bag!

10 posted/collected

And that concludes the sales! more to come though!!!!