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son of solo
14-07-09, 08:04 PM
A friend has asked me to help him sell some of his "collection" ...So if you feel that mid life crisis getting closer and you're interested in any of the items drop me a PM ...

1. Fully restored, perfect and in 100% working condition 1970's Bally "playboy" pinball table.
Fully restored Playboy Pinball Machine from the 1970's. Imported from Monaco ten years ago. Fully working with original sound cards and in pristine condition. Comes with original colour sales flyer and instruction booklet. 1750ono.

2. Fully restored, perfect and in 100% working condition 1980's Taito "tabletop" space invaders.
This original 1970's Space Invaders machine was bought fully restored and serviced and in first class condition. The legs have been rechromed, the base powder coated, the glass renewed, all new old stock original switches fitted, original Taito PCBs with fully working sound cards and original colour mointor. One or two player operation, set up for free play. There will not be one as good as this anywhere. Pristine condition ready to grace any living room. 1500ono.

3. 1970's Moog.
Original pristine 1970's Moog Rogue Synthesiser, fully serviced and working perfectly. No scratches, marks or dents. Comes with original instruction manual. You won't find a better example. 500ono.

4. 90's hoffman bmx, 80's grifter, 70's chopper - all completly original & box fresh
5. 70's choppers & Tomahawk- red chopper is an original "long" seat early model and the rarest of them all... all completly original & box fresh.
please ask for separate prices on each bike

14-07-09, 10:15 PM
How much is he wanting for the space invaders?

15-07-09, 10:37 AM
yeh, maybe useful to stick some prices up - I know those space invader tables don't come cheap as a mate bought one, won't say how much he paid as it may scare some people off....

13-09-09, 01:07 PM
what does he want for that hoffman bmx?