View Full Version : can anyone help? part 2

Josh T
14-05-09, 08:03 PM
one of my rear wheel bearings is on its way out and i need to get it sorted asap as i am flat out at work and cant get a week day to go and get it sorted.. i've been onto rentech who have done all the servicing on my 182 but as we all know they are choker and its like that for the next 6 weeks :( ....

i need a good garage around the south west london area to just press a new one in for me.. can anyone recommend one to me ? as i'm hoping im off this saturday to get it done...

Josh T
16-05-09, 01:03 PM
Sorted... used gsf in putney, they are a german swedish and french specialist (just about covers everything :) ) but they were very friendly and thorough. I still would have preferred to use Rentech but couldn't wait unfortunately, they weren't what i would call cheap but she is fixed.