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21-04-09, 05:21 PM

For sale is the new website...


Already in existance is Clio197.net, ClioSport.net, ClioTrophy.co.uk, V6Clio.net and WilliamsClio.co.uk and so I bought Clio172.net with the aim of setting it up and selling it on for somebody to own, run and maintain.

The website will include...

- Domain name
- Hosting
- phpBB3 forum

Website/forum experience is not essential but recommended. The new owner will be given all the usernames/passwords for the domain/hosting/forum, etc... with the intention of getting on with it as soon as practically possible. I don't mind helping out at the early stages to get it to a position they feel happy with.

Offers FROM 25!

If interested, please email... forum@clio172.net



p.s. http://www.Clio182.net is already bought and can be put up for sale (if anybody's interested).