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18-01-09, 10:29 PM
Hey guys, ive just recently swapped my TDI mk4 Golf for a 1.8 16v mk1 clio turbo'd
i have no idea about clios as i am normally a german car lover, but i drove it home from wales and i must say wow, what speed.

The car i have used to be in max power years ago has had loads spent on it, running 220bhp at 10 psi at the moment
not really sure of everythin else, need to look at the booklet, i no its had loads of uprated stuff, but like i say am not really clued up. But as usual i have problems with the car, i did with my golf, just an unlucky person. I think my gearbox has gone, drove home fine until i got near home and i could put it in second but it wud jus rev so i had to go from 1st to third, then next morning there was gearbox oil or sum sort of oil on the floor. Also wont start on its own, i think either bad earthing or it needs new starter motor any help guys i would be grateful, it is going the garage 2moz to find out the problems, and get a check over

I think i have added the pictures right anyways!!! :mrgreen:


19-01-09, 12:52 AM
Hi there, shame you appear you have such misfortune! Have you tried cliosport.net- there are likely to be more people who would have experienced your problems on the basis that they have similar cars to you.

Hope you get your problems sorted easily. :)

19-01-09, 09:53 AM
Sorry to here about the car.....perhaps it was just bad luck.......but having read various reports and threads on sites regarding turbo'd clios they can certainly be fragile and not very reliable depending on coversion quality and age (with a MK 1 even more so i would imagine). The gearboxes on the Clio's are a known weak point and adding all that extra power and touque through it wont to it any favours and there has also been a number of engine replacements if the internals having been beefed up ie con rods, forged pistons etc. Should known problems keep on arising you will be paying out very large sums of cash to fix it.

Im sorry to say its best to do your homework first if your interested in anything highly modded especially for a car of that age. If i was you i would fix it as best you can and then sell it on could save on future headaches. Sorry just my opinion - if budget allows get a 172/182.

19-01-09, 12:54 PM
Thanks for the replies guys, i dont think this car has been modified cheaply, its has has thousands spent on it and from what i believe all the internals have been upgraded!, apart from the gearbox by looks of it lol, ill see how it goes until the summer if it keeps breaking then ill fix it n sell it like u said, eventually want an M3

19-01-09, 02:06 PM
Sticking a turbo on a french car and not spending some money on the clutch or gearbox will lead to problems, make sure the bottom end has been done also as these can go when power is increased.

What M3 are you looking at? - E30, E36 or E46?

Make sure you go for a '99+ one as pre then they didn't have traction control... and believe me, unless you're planning on using it for track days, you'll need TC. Those babies are easily spun, even in dry conditions.

21-01-09, 11:03 PM
hey, ill b lookin for the e46 me thinks. The clutch has been uprated, paddle clutch! not sure if thats gud loool. i only want this car until the summer :D