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chris w
22-02-08, 06:48 PM
Hi guys

Looking at changing my trusty gti-6 for something different and the Clio is one of the cars i'm looking at.

I'd love a trophy but they are a bit over budget at the mo.
The Cup looks the next best thing but has got me well confused.
Is the cup a stand alone model or is it just packs that were added to a 182?
How can you tell a genuine cup from a std car?
Can you get a 172 cup ??

All help greatfully recieved

22-02-08, 07:27 PM
You can get:-
172 FF, (Full Fat)
172 cup, stripped out FF, (if you get a 172 get this one).
182 FF
182 cup, stripped out FF
182 FF with cup packs
182 Trophy, the one you should buy!
All mint cars so which ever one you get you will love it, i used to own a FF 182 and loved it, then moved to a gti6, also liked that but just not as good as the clios, i then went back to clio trophy, if you can a one in you price range go for the trophy, try looking on www.allvehicles.co.uk (http://www.allvehicles.co.uk), thats where i got mine from, Steve who owns it is spot on, i traded my 6 in there.

22-02-08, 07:27 PM
Hi Chris. Good choice in choosing the clio! Follow this URL and you should find all the answers to your questions.
Hope this helps...

chris w
22-02-08, 07:51 PM
Cheers guys

The fog is begining to clear. :D
Think what I have been looking at is FF182's with the cup packs added, as non of them are the right colours to be a proper cup.
If the wheels aren't grey any way of telling if the car has the cup suspension pack?

Thing i'm going to spend around 7.5k so a trophy is out of the question at the mo.

Do the clio's suffer with as many issues etc as the 306? As much as it's a great drive after 7 yrs of scooby ownership the 306 was a bit of a shock in terms of niggling issues that cloud the whole ownership experience.

Still love that jap reliability and would like a dc2 teg type r but finding a goodun is getting hard. The clio's seem readily available and good value and is rising up the wanted list fast.

Any more help greatly appreciated.