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01-08-07, 11:42 PM
Hi guys, i have noticed that my 182 that i have had like two weeks is running a little rough when its ticking over idle, sounds more like a diesil sometimes!! is this the way they sound or is something wrong?? service is due very soon, and its first mot! so hopefully this will help it!

Also some creeking when im turning at full lock! it dont like it! Just want to make sure its ok!! Anyone in the liverpool, burnley or bacup area that has had a 182 for a while and knows what there like, wants to meet up and have a look then just say!

I love the car tho!! its amazing! Do ya reckon i should put the stripes on it?? my clio is black, which colour stripes?! Thinking red! as its the colour of the boyz! ( L.F.C )!!

Any help welcome, when its tickin over there is a clicking type diesil sound if ya kno what i mean!! maybe somethin loose?! :roll:

01-08-07, 11:50 PM
Hello mate,

The ticking noise could be coming from the injectors maybe? I've noticed mine often sound a bit tappy - but you would only ever notice it at idle, soon as you rev the engine it drowns out the ticking noise

Creeky steering - there were issue's with the steering juddering and creeking, think the fix was a washer kit for the top mounts or something - do a search on here, it should bring back some results

As for the stripes - they're not to my taste but then again it isn't my car, may be a good idea to get somebody to do you a photoshop before you go sticking stripes on your motor

02-08-07, 09:30 AM
F4R does sound a little rough when the oil is cold, don't forget there's a cold-start program that lasts for about 75 seconds to allow the cat to warm up.

Steering creak is very common on 182's, as Dave says an easy fix. Are you still under warranty? If so get it in pronto.

Stripes? Only if they're the Gordini ones but Black isn't the best colour for white stripes. Personally I'd leave it standard as Black/Gold is the second best colour for a 182 in my opinion.

02-08-07, 10:38 PM
i got my 182 from the merseyside carcraft with 23000 miles on the clock, and its a 04 plate so i dont know if renault would still have it under warranty, but i did take out the 5 year NAC warranty at carcraft.