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18-05-07, 01:36 PM
I was looking through some really quite excellent pictures that I found somewhere on the internet of some Clios that went to the South of France (there was a Trophy there, by the way). Amongst the cars was a Liquid Yellow V6 255, but it had what appeared to be the very same Recaro seats as the Trophy. I didn't think these were available? It was one of the major reasons why I discounted the V6 from my choice of new car before I settled on the Trophy. I had always wondered why Renault never put them in (especially without having the problem of rear seat access!), but I suppose this must have been done aftermarket. It looked awesome, but I wouldn't like to think how much a pair of those seats and subframes cost. :shock:

18-05-07, 01:39 PM
Think £1300 kinda rings a bell.

18-05-07, 01:41 PM
Think £1300 kinda rings a bell.

£1438 when I priced these up with Capital Seating for the 182 :shock:

18-05-07, 01:44 PM
:shock: Blimey, maybe that was without the subframes.

18-05-07, 02:00 PM
I remember someone saying they were only the bottom of the range crappy Trendlines and nowhere near as nice as proper Recaro ones. I said what does that make the Swiss ones then?! You get the exact same seats in lots of performance cars, they're a real favourite, I've never known better seats for lumbar support.

I'm pretty sure the 255 Vee was available with a Recaro option...

18-05-07, 02:17 PM
they are not ideal for racing either - there's no hole for the 4 point harness where your legs are.

18-05-07, 02:29 PM
Jeremy Townsend at RUK had a Liquid yellow which was fitted with Recaros.... at the Bedford trackday there was another Liquid Yellow V6 which Jeremy said wasnt his and that also had Recaros fitted.

When i sat in it the keys were also in the ignition.... part of me was very tempted!

18-05-07, 07:13 PM
I have a set of new Recaros and subframes still in the boxes. Let's call it a cancelled order! If anyone wants a Vee with Recaros I'm yer man lol.

19-05-07, 08:05 PM
mate of mine has fitted the recaros into a liquid yellow mk2 vee, one I used to own.
They can be fitted.