View Full Version : Silkolene Pro S and Pro R an EXTRA 20% FREE!

21-03-07, 02:44 PM
Hi chaps,

From the 22nd of March till the 26th or March we are making this very special offer so place your order online today!

Buy 5 litres of Silkolene Pro S 5w-40, Pro S 10w-50 or Pro R 15w-50 and get a 1ltr top up bottle FREE, thats 20% FREE!

For this weekend only and ordered online at http://www.opieoils.co.uk you will get

Order 5ltr get 1ltr FREE
Order 10ltr and get 2ltr FREE
Order 20ltr and get 4ltr FREE

This offer is limited to Silkolene Pro S and Pro R and to a maximum 20ltr per customer

Dont delay, order online today.


Simon & Guy.

22-03-07, 03:42 PM
In connection with this offer, who would like to buy 6 litres of Silkolene Pro S for £45?

Chiefbadger and I are already planning to get some, all I need is two other people to put their name down here and I'll order the 4 x 5 litre cans (+ 4 x 1 litre cans free) for £179.99. Then you can wire me the cash and your address and I'll have it sent to the three different addresses.

Remember, Silkolene Pro S is normally £49.99 for a 5 litre can so you're getting 20% more for 10% less! First come, first serve and it's only until Monday.

Edit: You do actually need slightly over 5 litres for a full sump so this is enough oil for a full change and top-ups until the next one, it's pretty much the best oil for the 182 so pretty good for £45.

22-03-07, 04:52 PM
Steve count me in.

22-03-07, 05:15 PM
count me in please Steve :D

22-03-07, 07:12 PM
Glad you already counted me in on that one Steve! Was thinking just the other day that we need to get this rolling!

22-03-07, 08:35 PM
Excellent, I'll put the order in later this evening or tonight, I'm drinking quite a lot of wine at the moment so maybe tomorrow.

So that's me, Olly, Julz and quik5i1ver. I'll PM you my bank details in a minute so if you could reply with your name and address, I'll sor thtis out.

Olly, I'll take that £10 I owe you from yours so it's only £35 to you. (the oil change might cost you a beer though). :wink:

22-03-07, 09:09 PM

You have pm. :)


23-03-07, 11:29 AM
Ok guys, I'm just about to place the order (once quick5i1ver gives me his address) and it's 24 litres of the golden car syrup for £159.99!

So just to re-cap if anyone else wants to do another group buy here, you get 6 litres of Slkolene Pro S for £40, this would normally cost you, even with a members discount;

Pro S 5W-40 1 x 5 litre £44.99

Pro S 5w-40 1 x 1 litre £10.99

£55.99, so a £16 reduction or 29% saving. Better than a kick in the cunt as they say.

Put your names here and one of you can place the order.

26-03-07, 12:02 PM
Order placed and shipped, should arrive in the next couple of days guys.

Anyone else want to do a mini group buy? They can send to four different addresses, Purolator filters are £5.49 too and much better than OE ones, so you can get your 6 litres of Silkolene Pro S 5W-40 and a filter for £45.49.

Enter member code 67774531 in the box to get the 24 litres for £159.99 and remember; THIS OFFER ENDS TODAY!!!