View Full Version : Greetings from Praha!

17-02-07, 12:17 AM
Just found out this hotel has free internet, whoohoo! Just went to check in for flights back tomorrow but It's supposed to be a romantic Valentine's trip so if I'm caught on here it's my nuts on the block!

Anyone who hasn't been to Prague, you must go, it's a beautiful City, really nice people and most importantly...it's cheeeeeap! (If you avoid Kampa Park restaurant - gulp!). Must bring the Trophy next time, they drive like absolute maniacs around the city, just my sort of town and amongst all the skodas (2 out of 3 cars I reckon) you'd get lots of looks, they had a crappy cat-badged mondeo (Jaguar X-type) in the shopping mall and the locals were all over it like flies on shit, thought it was something really special, how disappointed they'd be when they found it was miles slower and worse built than their octavia!

17-02-07, 04:55 AM
Good to here you've gone with the missus (or mister :wink: ) and not on some awful stag trip... the scourge of Eastern Europe...Blackpool, Dublin, Southern Europe, etc... :x :lol:
BTW, did you get to the TV tower with the creepy babies on it? Shuddering just thinking about them :lol:

17-02-07, 11:46 AM
luckily i checked the contents of this thread.... i thought it was another of our spambots offering us their 'services'..... :P

19-02-07, 12:41 PM
check out the sports bar on the egde of the old city - it's where all the locals go (trendy locals not the fogies) nice relxaing drink, from memory is in like a shopping mall, can't remember the district code....

I love Prague, one of the top euro cities imo. I'm going back in the next couple of months (my cousin in law lives out there and is into all the club scene so he's well known to the locals as a top boy)

useful for free drinks also - just don't touch that green stuff.