View Full Version : Chelsea vs Wycombe tickets * 4 - Second Leg 23rd Jan

11-01-07, 10:10 AM
I know I haven't posted much on this forum, and this seems an odd way to start, but:

I bought 4 tickets from the Wycombe ticket office but sadly I forgot I have a course to go to that night, so cant make it.

Once I have the tickets in my grubby mit I will post the seat numbers, but they are 4 tickets right behind the goal.

With a 1-1 draw last night, something tells me this might be a good game to catch.

Cost me £20 per ticket, will sell to the highest offer. Can split if all tickets are bought (i.e. two people want two tickets each)


11-01-07, 10:48 AM
good game :?: It'll be like wtching the romans throw slaves to the lions.... hmmm not far from the truth actually.

I'd expect chelski to win comfortably.

11-01-07, 11:03 PM
This isn't Trophy related - apologies.

Very good of you , however, for moving the post, its probably best here in its right place, rather than being in the wrong one, God forbid.

These tickets are still for (genuine) sale.

By the way:

eBay, for all its sins, doesn't allow the sale of football tickets so i doubt you'll find many touts there, even if they can't spell.