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25-11-06, 01:10 PM
Sorry people, felt the need to post this as due to a 'cover up' by the Super Moderators (aka Laughter Police?) most of you will probably never know the amusement you missed out on this morning.

Seems that one of the moderators had a little too much to drink last night and made a LOT of posts - some of them were priceless - his abilty to form coherent sentences and spell correctly had clearly left him, i use the following from the 'most trophy's on autotrader' thread as an example

"they';l a ll be worth dhsag all in a bout a yar , only a cheap shooping troley lres'ts be honest. good fun wike you u can;t safoorda pioprper car, but wouldn't we all be rathr dricing a ford gt eben if it is a glotrifreisd mondeo,./

Seroiously houtgh , thera re better cars out there m, fo rinstancve a 206 GTI, hthat;s a rteally good vacr, only fogt the bsd press bweracause peugaout the cdicks gfotgot ot pay yhtre peress."

Some were hilarious, some a little offensive, and others truly bizarre - at first i thought maybe his account had been hacked but after reading them all it seemed to point toward excessive alcohol consumption. But I know from all the posts that i made and the posts other people made relating to this that it made them laugh and cheered people up - especially those who were working on a Saturday morning.

There was even a poll made up by one of the other moderators asking what everyone thought had led to this behaviour - it was titled '<mods name> - is this a cry for help?' and was gathering some interest and providing an amusing little thread. There was also another thread started by the man himself titled 'I am abcutelly god" (*sic) whereby we were informed that he was actually God.

I honestly dont think i've had such a good laugh on here before, and it looked like others were feeling the same - then came 11am and the Super Mods (laughter police), who proceeded to remove absolutely trace of drunken behaviour. Adopting a 'if they never saw it it didnt happen' approach possibly?

Now i can understand why they might want to tidy up the threads and remove any gibberish or offensive remarks but why remove all traces of this incident? Why try to make it look like it never happened when it clearly did - it was no big thing really was it?

For example why not leave the 'is this a cry for help' poll or 'i am god' thread and move them to the general chat section for further discussion/banter? For a site that sometimes has more tumbleweeds than active users this is the kind of thing thats needed from time to time in my opinion.

So moderators i ask you to explain your actions on this one please.

If you are going to adopt this approach to moderating the site then why not remove any threads which mention faults with Trophy's or have negative Trophy comments on them - that way we can give the impression that the cars are all perfect and so are all the owners (i.e none of them get drunk and do amusing/silly things) - hey presto the perfect little manufactured web community.

When the keyring thread was split into 2 separate posts by the super mods last night - the drunk moderator posted calling them 'f*cking tyrants' which i laughed at beacause i thought it was a bit harsh - now i'm not so sure - maybe it wasnt that far off the mark.

Wouldnt be surprised if this post is removed from the site or my account gets deleted for having the audacity to have an opinion of my own or think about free speech.



25-11-06, 01:20 PM
Top post. Totally agree.

25-11-06, 01:30 PM
To be honest the moderators didn't know what was going on, you don't expect someone given responsibility to look after the forum to post stuff like that.

The initial thought was that his account had been hacked so everything was tidied up.

I don't disagree that it may have been quite funny at the time, but I agree with the action that was taken.

25-11-06, 01:55 PM
Sorry Nik - i find that response to be quite inept and inadequate really. You seem to contradict yourself somewhat in what you have written and look to have skirted any points of concern that were raised in my initial post.

25-11-06, 02:31 PM
Call it what you want, I'm not going to be drawn into a discussion on whether or not some drunken posts should have been removed. They are gone now, lets move on.

You're more than welcome to start another thread in general chat to have a laugh about it if you want though, no problem with that. I for one would like to know what Steve had been drinking :lol:

01-12-06, 12:17 AM

What hadn't I been drinking.

01-12-06, 06:51 PM
....and I missed the whole bloody lot... :cry:

01-12-06, 07:07 PM
One of the few times i've been happy to be up early on a saturday. Sorry steve but i think it may become one of those "where were you when" steve g went on one, moments :)

01-12-06, 08:24 PM
Glad to have been of service, I only remember the God bit and now I've seen it, the 'Are you hammered' Poll, but I don't remember posting the 206 comment (made me smile actually, 'cause I recognize the sarcastic slurring style) but I don't remember much else, I didn't post that much did I?

02-12-06, 12:55 AM
I think I remember posting something along the lines of 'God doesn't make spelling mistakes' :P 8) :lol:


02-12-06, 10:45 AM
I so wish I had got up earlier...................Steve's posts are great to read when he is sober so gutted I slept through the 'where were you when Steve' moment.......... :cry: :cry:

02-12-06, 11:09 AM
but I don't remember much else, I didn't post that much did I?

Well actually you posted on everything in sight and you also managed to start a "who's hammered poll" (my spelling :lol: ) which i was very impressed with :D

02-12-06, 12:01 PM
Yep - as Hoolio says there were replies to just about every active thread on here - which fuel? if it wasnt red? trophy keyrings, etc - my favourite was 'I am abcutelly god' Each one was brilliant! This time last week i was sitting laughing away to myself in this very chair whilst reading through your posts ;)

02-12-06, 12:14 PM
'I am abcutelly god'

Brilliant :lol: