View Full Version : What 600cc Motorcycle?

13-11-06, 10:25 PM
Well I have finally given in to the temptation of getting a motorbike!

I have owned ots of motorbikes (On andOff Road) stupidly ridden on the road without a licence however due to giving in to the temptation once and for all I have decided to do it legally as way to risky and wouldn't like to think I had an accident and hurt someone etc.

Anyway on to my main question what 600cc machine would people choose to go for?

I do like the R6 but after seeing the CBRrr I now have my heart set on one, (Mainly due to looks and under seat exhaust) a friend has recently bought on and is currently doing his DAS course with me - absolutely stunning machine however going to have to look hard to get one within my current budget a little over 3k.

Whats everyones thoughts R6 or CBR?

13-11-06, 11:07 PM
R6 for me wonted one for the last 3 years but the new CBR 600RR this very nice so it would be hard to choose for me Thats it made up my mind R1 :lol: :lol: if only I had the money :x :x

14-11-06, 02:18 AM
A bloke over the road from me has an R6, this thing looks and sounds the biz!!!

I'm not too hot on bikes but I reckon the R6 is the one.

14-11-06, 08:20 AM
Don't rule out a GSX-R, stunning bike!!

14-11-06, 12:21 PM
i know feck all about bikes anymore, canna be of help, soz

14-11-06, 12:53 PM
My Dad used to take me to school on the back of his Honda 250 Superdream, I felt on top of the world riding out of the school gates, envy of everyone. Never got into bikes though because I used to have such bad accidents downhill mountain biking I figured I would last about a nanosecond. If I was getting one though, it would be a Hayabusa, just because it's the fastest bike in the world and looks fantastic.

16-11-06, 12:38 AM
Hayabusa not the fastest bike anymore! However it does still look fantastic!

I am going to the dark side - Have chosen the RR, got two to look at over the weekend! Like a kid in a candy shop!

16-11-06, 09:46 AM
Well it holds the land speed record for production bike, without the turbos, so it is still the fstest really. And with a British rider.

16-11-06, 12:27 PM
A friend of mine has a grey R6. Looks good. Not as OTT as the other colours. Would be my 600 choice for that money. I bought a GSXR750 as my first road bike. Just have to take it easy until you get used to it!

Biggest problem you will have is your car will feel way too slow :wink:

16-11-06, 08:56 PM
CBR R or R6, any modern 600cc is stupidly quick :wink:

16-11-06, 09:55 PM
Yep had a few bikes... Cant beat the speed.. Time to do it legally and properly now!

19-11-06, 11:58 AM
Well its done....Deposit put down on a nice CBR 600rr! Just need to make final arrangements to pick up!!