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07-11-06, 11:13 AM
.... just thinking about the spotted section and tying that in somehow to the trophy owners register.....

i know somepeople are touchy with their reg plate being on t'internet, as I am, but the reason for this is purely car ID fraud in my opinion.

Now I was thinking over the w/e that when that trophy was stolen, a while back - see one of the threads, If it had a sticker not only displaying the ClioTrophy clio logo & webaddress but an additional piece of text saying Registered on... then only a bloody fool is going to knick one as they'll never shift it in one peice as they can't knick another's details (due to the register) or broken down as we tend to post about Trophy bits and which car they came from etc etc.

Now if you could also tell from the spotted section which cars we have registered, i.e owners on here, we in turn could also tell which cars we dont. Therefore, although we don't know owners details, we could track them - sort of semi registering them.

As there's only 550 in existance internationally is should be easy to sort. I would also bet the the spotted section contains dozens of Trophy's that are not on the system and approx details of where the owners are based.

What's the thoughts? It may well make this site invaluable to Trophy owners as a sort of preventive measure against car crime, plus it'll boost numbers, therefore better knowledge base and more sticker sales for nik to help pay for the cost of the bandwidth. Everyone's a winner :)

Also just to add that i'm talking about reg and trophy number only not VIN or Chassis details!!!

07-11-06, 01:00 PM
Stickers come in bulk from a supplier - minimum qty order.

Each sticker is identical to the next, to indivdulise each one would cost a fortune upfront.

Good idea though - see what the boss says.

07-11-06, 01:03 PM
Also, a sticker won't prevent the car being stripped down and sold as parts ;)

07-11-06, 01:32 PM
Unfortunately a swap of rego and the removal of the sticker would thwart the plan :(

07-11-06, 01:46 PM
Stickers come in bulk from a supplier - minimum qty order.

Each sticker is identical to the next, to indivdulise each one would cost a fortune upfront.

Good idea though - see what the boss says.

The sticker would be identical to the current ones - with the added text "Registered on" to say their is a web site with a register of Trophy's. You could use the current ones and hope the thief would know there is a register of Trophy's but that assumes they have 1. some intelligence and 2. knowledge of what they're knicking.etc.

No such thing as a min order quantity by the way - they put that in as a min due to set up and origination costs. You could get 1 printed but it'd cost a fotrune so they say min order of X.

The main idea is to help people recognise each car in the spotted section but mainly to get an idea of where each trophy is based - those that aren't registered, and also to help the site grow.

07-11-06, 01:53 PM
Unfortunately a swap of rego and the removal of the sticker would thwart the plan :(

I think people are missing the point. It's only a deterant is the sticker, a spin off at that from the main fact that the database of trophy's will be on the site and we will know where each one is in a general sense. ie. 5 in west yorks. If one get's knicked in kent and we see a trophy in west yorks that isn't accounted for and isn't registered, if we approx. where each one is - using the spotted section. you can guess at where it's come from....

The sticker is not the min part of what i'm suggesting, as i say it's mearly adapting the current sticker to say "registered on" to let people know their is a database of each Trophy.

As we have the database already there and a spotted section - combining the two would be both easy an benefitial. Was just a thought though.

07-11-06, 06:49 PM
I did consider numbered stickers when the site was first launched. I was going to make the club sticker just have the word TROPHY, the cars number and the web address and it was to be stuck under the Clio badge on the boot lid. The theory was to combine a club sticker and also something to identify that it was a Trophy from behind to those not savvy enough to know from the colour / spoiler etc. Could still be tempted to offer this as an external sticker option if people were interested.

I wouldn't get individually numbered ones made though, as it would increase the cost of them massively, and some users have ordered several so i'd need to have 3 or 4 sets of every number 000-500 most of which would never get purchased. The only way I could see it working would be to have each sticker printed with a set of numbered digits (separately cut) so you could stick your number on (a bit like the numbers you used to get with VHS video tapes! lol! ).

I'm not sure if it would really deter a car theif but you never know. I can see how it might be nice to have the cars number displayed externally so people can give more info in the spotted section or see who it was by looking at the register.

I guess it could be possible to have something like Registered on the Trophy Owners register added to the internal stickers next time i get some done though... needs some thinking about. I'm not sure if people would bother buying new ones anyway though to be honest.

07-11-06, 07:08 PM
Nik i think most of us are trophy nerds so i think we probably would :)

08-11-06, 11:08 AM
:roll: the sticker thing is only a side show - the main point i was getting across was NOT the sticker!

it's the register of owners being combined with the spotted section. Being able to say who was spotted where from a 3rd party perspectve. Unless you know from memory who plate is who and which Trophy it is, currently that's not possible.

From that I though, well this would be benefitial for an owner because you would then have 550 (realisticly a couple of hundered) owners and ex owners watching your back in the form of, when keeping an eye out for Trophy's, using the spotted section.

Is this any clearer? the sticker wouldn't be numbered (cost as Nik said would be prohibitive) just say Registered on Clio Trophy.co.uk. This would tell everyone, owners not registered, general public, car thieves etc that there is a database of Trophys. If a car thief knew what he was knicking, which is likely, he wouldn't knick it as he knows it'll be harder to shift. Whether in parts or as a whole.

Currently there is nothing to say there is a database on here, only people visiting the site know about it, most Trophy owners don't even know about the site!

But as I say the sticker is NOT the main thing!!! :!: :!: :!:

08-11-06, 01:11 PM
Not sure i really understand then, how would a spotting then be linked in with the owners register? You wouldn't know what number it was so what would you post? :-k

08-11-06, 01:55 PM
I have to be honest... I don't get it Cue :( I think it is just me being a bit slow!

:? :?


08-11-06, 02:27 PM
lol. example then:

owners reg. post: #315, bristol, my55 vxc, 5k miles. username = chunk

Spotted post: chunk in yorkshire or my55 vxc in yorkshire = great, we know who it was they spotted.

another couple of posts for a Trophy we dont have registered: spotted, MY55 KKT, yorkshire. - we know if more than one perosn has seen it about that it's likely this one is based there.

knowing this we can then start to build up where each trophy is based. This makes it easier to target those owners to get them to register.

no also consider. If an owner has there car knicked, the spotted section can be used to say spotted that car there OR if the reg plate had been changed, spotted unknown trophy there - likely hood if we had the trophies registered would be this would be the missing car.

Also, as and when part of trophies appear on ebay e.g. dampers it would make it very easy to identify which car there are off etc.

That was my point - does that help?

08-11-06, 04:54 PM
I get it Cue! but it would not be much better than what we have now as many owners (more than half) haven't registered and most haven't been spotted, I haven't been spotted once on any forum in 8 months of ownership and driving all over the country (probably because i'm just a red blur!).

Nik - I ilke the idea of a sticker with some extra digits! VHS LOL! I always used to ask if i could put the stickers on as a kid, slightly before nintendos you see. I did have this idea but decided to get my mats numbered instead, so if anyone was inclined to have a nose around the car they would see the number in either footwell. A bit more low key 'dimney warr'.