View Full Version : not another non trophy owner!! newbie!!

18-08-06, 12:17 AM
hello guys and gals, im mark live in cambs and drive a phase 2 rs clio!

t23phy will already no me as he stole my rear seats off me which i now really miss!! lol

nice to be ere!! :D

18-08-06, 12:29 AM
Welcome Mark :D

Post up some pics of your motor if you have any

18-08-06, 12:38 AM
Welcome, good to see some other colours on here ;)

18-08-06, 12:38 AM
still gotta get pics of it on my new leda's :D so will asap!!

18-08-06, 12:55 AM
(wave) 172

where abouts in cambs are you? i'm in wisbech

18-08-06, 08:31 AM
Welcome :)


18-08-06, 12:42 PM
Welcome to the forum! Leda's eh, don't you know the best Clio suspension is made by Sachs :wink:

18-08-06, 01:34 PM
welcome along fella! :D

18-08-06, 01:52 PM
What car have you got then One Seven Two? :wink:

20-08-06, 12:16 PM
ive got mate a 172!! :D

i live nr huntingdon!

been doing some thinking though and im gonna sell it and but a minta of a williams! not fussed really what i pay for it but its gotta be mint! any one no of any? this is a pic of wen i first got the car but will get some more recent ones later 2day!


21-08-06, 08:44 PM
I work in Huntingdon so i''ll have to keep an eye out for you!!!

30-08-06, 07:46 PM
Welcome to the forum! Leda's eh, don't you know the best Clio suspension is made by Sachs :wink:


The most expensive and least adjustable maybe. :wink:

172 car looks awesome, nice and low.


30-08-06, 09:58 PM
Nice wheels guys, do they come in an anthracite colour? :lol:

01-09-06, 02:36 PM
you should no me wigstar i serviced ur car!! :D

01-09-06, 10:46 PM
The most expensive and least adjustable maybe. :wink:

Exepensive?!? Mine came free with my car :wink:

The Leda's are an awesome bit of kit, as you know I was very impressed by your motor at Brands, actually put the thought in my mind 'Why did I buy a Trophy when I could have got a 172/182 Cup and hand picked the seats and suspension' :shock:

04-09-06, 10:42 PM
Doh! of course they did.

Good to meet you at Brands, and cheers for the kind comments.

That is exactly what I thought when I nearly traded in my 182 for a trophy.
I was going to take a hit of 3k, so I prefered to spend it on modifying the 182 and making it a serious track weapon.

Only problem is, I may have spent a little more than the 3k now though.

:oops: :D