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09-07-06, 04:38 PM

I've had an idea, because of all the phantom Trophy owners out there, and it seems a lot of them don't have internet access, is there a way we could send out letters to them telling them to register in an internet cafe or at work just so we have the whereabouts of more of the 500? They could just reply by post and you could put their details in.

Obviously, some owners haven't registered by choice because they have no interest in talking to other owners/enthusiasts or want to remain anonymous, but I imagine most haven't simply because they are unaware of the site. I didn't know it existed until someone on cliosport told me about it.

There is an owner who lives or works in Newhaven and I see him every other day now but have no idea who he is, he might be one of those guys who just wanted a red hatchback and there happened to be a Trophy in that day and he liked the wheels so he bought it, but you never know.

09-07-06, 04:42 PM
Good thinking but the only problem is that we have no way to obtain the addresses of the other owners... and Renault definately will not give them to us.

We could produce a club 'flyer' and pass it onto anyone we see but to be honest I don't think that would happen often enough...


09-07-06, 05:15 PM
Perhaps you should take out a 2 page colour spread in the Daily Mail on Sunday :lol:

But seriously...

A club flyer would be ideal but you would need to print it out yourselves and hand them out - this isn't a paid for website like CS lol

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09-07-06, 05:19 PM
I saw another Trophy in colchester, left a note about the website on the screen, but as far as i can tell they haven't registered.
On google when you search for Clio Trophy, this site is normally the second choice, so i'm sure if owners wanted to find out more about their cars they might use a search engine.

09-07-06, 10:43 PM
Could be worth having flyers for stands at shows.

10-07-06, 07:30 AM
Umm, I'll see if I can persuade the old lady to get a list of addresses off the police database, I'm sure she won't mind risking her job for the cause.

10-07-06, 11:11 AM
Could be worth having flyers for stands at shows.

I will have some flyers to hand out at TRAX. Any members attending will be welcome to take a few with them to keep in the car to flyer future potential members with.

10-07-06, 11:22 AM
A noble idea, but I mention the forum to all Trophy buyers and often get that glazed look. If people are interested in sharing knowledge and the cameraderie then they will naturally drift in. The forum does have a good ranking on the search engines.