View Full Version : *** NORTHY'S WILLIAMS STOLEN! ***

25-10-05, 10:37 AM
hope u guys dont mind me postin this up here!

unfortunatly northys car and his birds car (tony's scooby) have been stolen from his drive over night! they broke in2 his house 2 get the keys!

anyway, every1s doin there bit 2 help out and postin on every forum they can think of lol

so keep a luk out guys if u can! details are as follows!


Blue 'Minories' sticker in the rear window and on the plates.(WilliamsClio sticker below this)
ELF Sticker in the rear window (Not many with this now)
ClioSport Sticker in rear window.
Williams 3 badge wasn't central

Brand new Front Bumper so hardly any stone chips if any.

Brand New Front Fog Lights.

Drilled out 2 of the bolts on the bonnets hinges as they were seized so two very small dings come through on the bonnet.

Alternator belt was squeking.

Original Stereo and Rubber mats.

Headlight protectors.

Smoked side repeaters

thanks people!

25-10-05, 10:38 AM
the reg is ....

N340 LRG btw

26-10-05, 11:42 AM
oh no! gutted for northy..i hope its found soon.

26-10-05, 01:58 PM
williams been found, scooby still missing i think. :(
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