View Full Version : Mods can you please pm when you change something

30-08-05, 07:03 PM

I made a post referring to the word association game the other night. I repled to what I thought was baby with cham. Came on here today and found someone has deleted it and replaced it. I didnt see the 2nd page hence why it didnt make sense to anyone. Sorry.

So All I ask is can you for future reference pm the person whose post you are modding. Because I thought someone had got into my account somehow and started to post as me. thought I was going mad. lol. :oops:

Just an idea.


30-08-05, 07:10 PM
ahh, now it all becomes clear :lol:

Apologies Wend, and a good point.

I shall make sure me and the moderators do this in future :)